up again

Complete list of songs

key of your heart
feel it
life in the wind

The statement of up again

The CD “up again” includes 8 songs that have arisen from intuition and deepest inner feelings. Far away from the commercial mainstream, they show the relationship with the “inspirational source”. They stand for the recognition and release of deep longing, of pain and for the look of the beauty of life and the love of life in this world and the people.

The songs are recorded in collaboration with Heinz Hess in the Art of June Studios Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Dania Koenig as a singer and the band waterproof, give the vocal line and the piano part of the songs the right atmosphere.

The sale of the CD is a way to spread the music widely and make joy to the listeners and allow producing more songs in the studio and promote holistic projects.

The songs are recorded at Art Of June Studios Frankfurt/Main, Germany www.artofjune.de