My interest in music began with seven years in primary school. I learned to read music very quickly and my piano affinity was at that time hardly to deny. In the years from about 1990 I began my auto-didactical learning of classical piano literature, but also rock and pop songs. That developed further up towards the playing melodies and harmonies of current songs on the piano by ear.

I had seven years of piano lessons at the “Wiesbadener Musik- und Kunstschule” (it emerged from the former conservatory of Wiesbaden). I attended courses on music theory (harmony, triads and reversals, combination of chords) and opted for the music intensified course at the Carl v. Ossietzky grammar school in Wiesbaden and treated there such as forms of music (fugue, sonata form), symphonic music (shape determination, motivation and description of the theme, basics of harmony) and music of the 20th century. Another influence on the songwriting was, that I took part in a course of the jazz and pop harmonics and the composition workshop at the “Wiesbadener Musik- und Kunstschule”.

I took part in concerts of classical and original compositions in the period 1995-2003 at the “Wiesbadener Musik- und Kunstschule”, but also at the Carl v. Ossietzky grammar school.

The 14 classical piano compositions were created in the period from 1993 to 1996. They are now online in youtube. The songwriting began in 1996 and lasts until today. Since 1996 there are four albums and over 50 songs.

End of 2009 and beginning of 2010 the album up again was recorded in a professional music Studio.

My general life spectrum is very wide set up next to the music. Through my studies of in chemical engineering I have dealt intensively me with science (physics, chemistry, biology).

The question of the meaning of life in puberty led me to the study of religion, ethics, and philosophy.

Today I deal with politics, world events, and the question for the improvement of living conditions for all people.

In addition, I’m still interested in astronomy and celestial observation.

Because natural science at the university of applied science was not a profession for me, I learned the ropes in the IT field and this led to my profession. In the childhood I had to do with computers and it has been fun for me to understand the systems.