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The album “up again”. Get infos here.

Early piano solos at youtube.

I compose since 1993. It has started with the composition of more classically influenced piano pieces that are now available on youtube. Since 1996, influenced by classical and rock and pop music from different centuries and decades a mixture resulted from piano-driven pop with unique emotional depth, carried by harmonic complexity with suspended harmony and rhythmic arpeggio like piano sets that fills out the vocal line and “carries” it. Also e-guitars find their leading place in the one or other song.

The lyrics of the songs from the four different albums show along with the music my experiences from my different life stages from childhood to puberty and the adult. Here, the intuitition plays a major role. All ambient inspiration take effect. It is more the atmospheric moods of nature and interpersonal feelings which influence as to tell only a comprehensible “story” which make it not just easy to understand my lyrics. It is the description for expressing inexplicable in music.

2010 it was then ready: the album up again was recorded in the art of June Studios. It is a mixture of songs from the various, but mainly the later compositions.